Friday, May 10, 2013

Going Both Ways

Your TMS can offer you better results for inbound as well as outbound shipping.

As more shippers move to implement a transportation management system (TMS), there is a tendency for managers to concentrate on the outbound aspect of the supply chain. Not surprisingly, Inbound Logistics thinks this approach may be missing the boat – or the truck.

By systemizing and communicating expectations with suppliers about how product should be routed, documented, and prepared for shipment, your organization can improve the introduction of materials into the enterprise, and lessen or eliminate time-wasting, margin-draining inefficiencies.

Used to best advantage, a TMS provides the ability to accurately predict shipping costs and manage shipment execution, for both inbound and outbound lanes. This will facilitate accurate measurement of supply chain performance, with unprecedented visibility into the process for senior management. Over time, the system can flag problem areas and help illuminate previously unrecognized opportunities, laying the groundwork for continual improvement in the logistics space.

Every time you receive a shipment, or pay a freight bill, data is generated. But if you don’t capture the data, and then subject it to the analysis of knowledgeable industry professionals, you are missing the boat, and giving your competitors a chance to sink you.

Kirk Shearer
TOTALogistix, Inc.
1-800-989-0054 x 103

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