Monday, July 9, 2012

Planning To Be Here

Integrated Planning gets your supply chain links all moving in the same direction.

Sometimes, it’s important to step back and take a look at the big picture. In many companies, the various components that together form the firm’s supply chain planning are not integrated. Far too often, planners in different areas are not working together in the most efficient manner to keep products moving, costs low, and customers satisfied.

Worse still, it can be difficult for senior management to have information visibility, and get a clear picture of how different functional groups work together – or don’t. To illuminate and address this situation, we take an approach called Integrated Planning.

Integrated Planning consists of achieving coherence among overlapping supply chain sectors and decision nodes, bringing together Demand Planning, Inventory Planning, Sales and Operations Planning, and Supply Planning. This allows your company to build a seamless supply chain that optimally balances supply and demand, meeting or exceeding customer service targets with a minimum of inventory and production costs.

Properly executed, Integrated Planning is a powerful tool that allows the organization to operate as one cohesive unit that flexes and responds to changing requirements faster and more efficiently. It can improve demand planning, drive out waste and increase productivity, free up capital and increase revenue, while making the company more responsive to customer needs.

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