Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What’s The ROI on TMS?

Transportation Management Systems can be an invaluable tool in managing shipment activity and reducing transportation costs. A recent Supply Chain Digest survey quantified just how valuable. It determined the opportunities depended on three basic factors:

  • Level of TMS technology
  • Level of consolidation opportunities
  • Plans for centralizing decentralized transportation functions

While there is some overlap of activity, these are the net results in dollar savings:

  • Optimized LTL to Multi-Stop TL 5-20%
  • Improved operations 10-30%
  • Improved core programs 3-10%
  • Carrier selection 2-6%

While the savings can be substantial so too can the costs for a sophisticated TMS system. So why make the investment in IT if you don’t have to? Just (click here) and take a tour of our TMS system. Who’s making so much money that they can’t afford to save more?
You can reach us at 800.989.0054 x120. We’d be pleased to help save you money.

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