Tuesday, July 8, 2008

So. How Much Was That Increase?

Is it coincidence that both FedEx and UPS raised their prices
6.9% this year? To be fair, we did get a 2% reprieve on fuel…
but that was just rescinded due to the combustion of fuel prices.

Fact is, the real increase is in the hidden accessorial charges…as
much as 30% of your bill could be accessorials! Each small
package shipment could contain anywhere from 2 to 10 charges
per shipment. We know because we audit every shipment.

If you’re not getting your bills electronically, we suggest you do.
Only then can you begin to understand just what you’re getting
and how much you’re paying.

At TOTALogistix we capture and analyze
every invoice. We uncover hidden costs and use our
leverage to see you get the best price and proper discounts
from your carriers. So why not start by challenging us? Let
us prove to you what we can do with information and
leverage to reduce your costs.

Visit us at http://www.totalogistix.com/. We’ll gladly accept that challenge.

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