Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Regional Costs to Improve Infra-Structure Take Their Toll

The recent Minneapolis bridge collapse will have a national impact on us all, regardless of where wecall home or operate our business. As states access their infra-structure rebuilding costs, state politicians are busy raising taxes to pay for new bridges and roads.

New Jersey’s Governor Jon Corzine has proposed raising tolls 50% on the state’s major thoroughfares,including the NJ Turnpike every four years from 2010 to 2022. After 2022, tolls would increase every four years until 2085 to reflect inflation.

On another front, the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles added a $35.00 fee to each container beginning June 1st. It was such a good idea, they added another $15.00 to begin January 1st. That’s $50.00 per container or about $1.4B to pay for new bridges, rail and highway construction. In terms you can relate to,if you bring in 1,000 containers into the west coast, it’s another $50,000 out of your pocket.

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