Tuesday, July 8, 2008

On-line Sales Slipping? Maybe You Should Look at Your Shipping!

B2C sales via on-line shopping has seen double digit
growth year after year for some time now. However, if you’ve been watching the numbers slip, there may be one number you should look at more closely.

Consumers who abandon their sale at check-out say the biggest reason is hidden costs. And what’s the biggest cost? Shipping.

A recent survey conducted by PayPal finds that almost half the respondents cite excessive shipping costs as the number one reason to check out and not check-thru to payment. Savvy consumers are now shopping for the lowest shipping cost in addition to the best price for the item they want to purchase.

Whether you offer free shipping or pass the cost along to your customer, it’s not a hidden cost anymore. If you think you’re getting the best small package rate, challenge us to prove you’re right…or see if we can do you one better.

Call us at 800. 989. 0054 x120 or check us out at www.totalogistix.com. The result could be more sales and more profit. So why wouldn’t you do it?

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