Wednesday, July 2, 2008

“We Can Save You Money On Small Package Shipments.”

Is that too direct? We don’t think so. The recent price increases from FedEx and UPS represent the largest increase in shipping history. So being direct is the best way to answer the question we know you’re asking yourself: How can I reduce my transportation expenses? Fact is, the small package sector is the fastest growing niche market in the logistics industry, about $110 billion annually. For anybody who’s counting, that’s about 5 billion packages.

The announced 4.9% rate increase doesn’t paint the whole picture. These are rate averages, and a closer look reveals everyone’s budget will be impacted in a different way. Higher zone shippers could realize increases in the 9-12% range. Irregular and oversize packages? How about up to 12.5%.

In total, surcharges are increasing up to 20% in some cases. When you factor in the possible accessorial charges, it adds up to a 31% increase over the last 37 months. So, if you’re wondering where all your profits are going, a good place to look is out the back door.

We want you to know there is something you can do about it. Getting the right price comes down to what you know and the leverage you have to negotiate with. Our Parcel Solution can reduce your costs by about 15%, but that’s only the beginning.

We audit every shipment and provide detailed, actionable reports that show destination, lost savings, accessorial charges and total costs. To see more, visit us at Or call Scott Shearer at 800.989.0054 extension 108 Someone has to pay for all these increases. We’re guaranteeing it doesn’t have to be you. Email us

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